Polished Concrete - Highest Quality

At Perfect Polish, we provide you with the highest quality concrete diamond grinding & concrete polishing services, for the ultimate polished concrete finish to your interior and exterior concrete

We also carry out concrete surface preparation (including glue & paint removal), concrete repairs and decorative concrete cutting, for all residential, commercial and retail projects, within the South Island.  

We live and breathe polished concrete! It is our passion & our speciality. With more than 15 years in the industry, our extensive knowledge, experience and expertise will ensure you receive the best possible advice & recommendations to achieve the highest quality polished concrete finishes.

Polished Concrete - Stylish & Functional

Floors are an important part of your everyday life, whether in a commercial building or a private residence. As well as looking good, a floor needs to be functional.

Polished Concrete is not a resin or a “coating”. It involves the refining of the natural surface of the concrete by grinding and polishing. This process makes it dense and hard, makes it stain resistant, is very easy to clean, and is incredibly hard wearing & long-lasting. 

Polished Concrete does not peel or distort like a sealed or coated floor, will not chip or break like tiles can, does not dent and mark like hardwood or laminate flooring, will not fade or stain like carpet can, and does not require the regular maintenance of other flooring options.

Your polished concrete can be personalised, by altering aggregate size/colour, colouring your cement, inserting decorative grouted inlays, as well as the various grinding depths and gloss levels to the finish of the floor.  You have endless options to enhance the look of your concrete and make it uniquely yours.

A polished concrete surface is not only aesthetically pleasing, but has a multitude of other benefits too.

Residential Polished Concrete

At Perfect Polish, as well as transforming your interior concrete into beautiful polished floors, we can also take care of your exterior concrete – including driveways, patios and pathways; and can create custom made polished concrete pieces, such as hearths, bench tops & stair treads. As well as making your concrete areas look beautiful, they will be easy-care and hard wearing.

Commercial / Retail / Industrial Polished Concrete

We undertake projects, small or large, for commercial, industrial and retail clients, and have the equipment to grind and polish your existing or new concrete floors, as well as for surface preparation (for alternative flooring) and concrete repairs.

A polished concrete floor is a durable, great looking, cost effective, long term flooring solution for your business

Start to finish of a concrete polishing project

There is definitely a process when it comes to creating an amazing Diamond Ground & Polished Concrete Floor; a process that we at Perfect Polish believe we have perfected – the proof is in the end result.

Check out this video showing the process from start to finish on this new Residential property and witness the concrete transformation.